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For those of you who read my blog you will know that I am not a great fan of the so-called Tea Party.  But today I have to feel somewhat sorry for them.

Oh I know the feeling will quickly pass – like an episode of stomach gas – and I know I will wake up tomorrow morning feeling as I did the day before.  But today, I can only shake my head and shed a tear for them.  It seems that the Republican party – the main benefactors of the old white people’s cabal of discontent – has once again screwed part of their political base.  They have done it quietly, in the dead of night without fanfare or press releases.  There were no cameras, no reporters, no brass bands, no Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz fighting for center stage of the media arena.

This was all hush hush, top secret stuff.  Screwing one’s political base is not something one celebrates or advertises.

The other day, the House of Representatives passed tax reform legislation that lowered federal taxes for the 0.2% richest Americans.  The GOP thought it necessary to eliminate the estate tax for the richest of the rich.

To add injury to insult, no provision was made to offset the reduction of revenue in the budget so, in helping the rich get richer, the GOP increased our national deficit.  So much for fiscal conservatism.

To the Tea Party:  you can’t be that dumb not to see what the truth really is.  Wake  up!  You are being used!

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…the Bleacherman has entered the conversation…

The absolute phony, ungodly, disingenuous and unAmerican Religious Right is once again showing its hypocritical and disgustingly discriminating colors.  

This time it is in Iowa where the true nature of those nasty, spiteful and hate mongering Christians is visible for all the world to see.  Once again the truth about their self-labeled spiritual campaign is out in the open where true believers in a loving and compassionate God can see just how God has been hijacked by followers of hate.

Case in point:  Recently, a Wiccan priestess was invited to give the invocation at the Iowa State Capital to open a legislative session.

(Without going into much detail, Wiccan is considered a pagan religion.  Wicca is typically a duo theistic religion  worshipping a god and goddess traditionally viewed as a mother goddess and a horned god.)  This belief of course elevates the blood pressure of Christians to stroke level.

Even before the priestess offered her invocation, more than half the members of the religious freedom protecting cabal decided not to attend the invocation and sought refuge in an alternative prayer service. Listening to the words of a non-Christian was just plain blasphemy.  

In another display of disgusting hypocrisy, a group of Christian clowns, showing that they are really a class act, decided to turn their backs on the priestess as she began to speak.  Led by Representative Rob Taylor, this group of heathens demonstrate that in the name of God traits like discrimination, social alienation and (what next?) segregation of non Christians is alive and well and thriving. 

Pure bull shit.

These zealots of the Religious Right are nothing more than urban terrorists hiding in the clothes of righteous believers.  They seek to destroy the basic foundation of this country.  What they are doing is so outrageous that direct decedents of those that arrived on the Mayflower to escape religious prosecution are packing their bags;  fleeing once again the evils of believers in God gone mad.

I wonder when the day will come when backs are just not turned and meetings walked out on but when legislators will begin enacting laws forcing non Christians to close their businesses, live only in designated areas and their movement through a city is restricted and controlled.

Sound familiar?  It’s happening here in America.

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…the Bleacherman has entered the conversation…

President want-to-be, Carly Fiorina, in an effort to enhance her credentials as one of the right-wing crazies, believes that the California drought is caused by environmentalists.  That’s right – those tree-hugging lefties have stopped the rain from falling.  Gosh.  Such power.  I wonder if God is jealous.  After all, he has been telling his flock for centuries  that making it rain is his domain.

One of Ms. Fiorina’s assertions is that environmentalists and their concerns for obnoxious little creatures have prevented the state from building an ample number of reservoirs.  Interesting logic here since we can dig all the big holes in the ground that we want but what do you put in them?  If it doesn’t rain…it doesn’t rain and for the most part, reservoirs are filled with rain water and the run-off from melting snow.

Duh!  WTF!

It should be noted that in California, the State has received less than 15% of its normal rainfall in each of the past two years.  This year, the snow pack in the mountains – which is a primary source of water – is literally non existent.

But in a strange way, Carly is right.  Man is at fault.  His pollution of the planet has resulted in a significant change in weather.  Man –made climate change is not  myth nor political ploy.  It is turning California into a waterless desert.  

Wake up Carly.  Wake up America.  Th sky is falling.  After all, we broke it.

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…the Bleacherman has entered the conversation…

It seems that Ted Cruz has expressed a passionate desire to strip the entire federal judiciary (including the Supreme Court) of its expressed power to hear cases brought by same sex couples seeking the right to marry.

Yes; that’s right.  Ted Cruz, the man who brought the words and wisdom of Dr. Seuss into the U.S. Senate, thinks it is time to screw with the U.S. Constitution and throw away the basic principals of our democracy.  He wants to change our democracy into a theocracy and truly turn this country into a Christian-only Nation.  

But that’s just today

Ted and his Crusaders – and I am not talking about a sixties rock band here – are off to destroy this country.  Religious freedom and diversity is this nation’s strongest attribute and yet the zeal of Ted Cruz and crusade-minded conservative Christians are blinded to the reality of the potential consequences of their actions.

Today it is gay marriage.

Tomorrow it will be abortion. 

Then what?  Will the deep-seeded roots of religious freedom demand an end to the separation of church and state.  Will God be back in schools and forced down the throats of the unwilling like  a  foul tasting medicine?  Will we be required to declare someone named Jesus as our savior?  If we fail to join the flock will non believers be ostracized, banished or burned at the stake?

Will there be a Constitutional amendment naming Christianity as the official religion of the land and the practice of all other religions be prohibited?  Will a citizen have to prove his or her Christianity in order to run for public office?

Do you really think I have taken my own fears to the extreme?  Did you ever think that someone running for the office of President of the United States would advocate limiting the powers of the Supreme Court and thereby compromising the protection of the balance of governmental power we now enjoy?

The great Roman Empire died a similar death.  Maybe someone should open up a history book or is something like reading something other than an approved Bible already an established anathema?

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…the Bleacherman has joined the conversation…

…”But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brothers in need, yet closes his heart against them; how does God’s love abide in him…”  (1:John 3:17)

Among the current fads circulating through the ranks of Christian America these days is the willingness to find new ways to punish this country’s less fortunate.  A favorite target of these Children of God are individuals and families on some form of food stamp program.

It seems that this congregation of deep seeded religious beliefs finds charity to be an appalling trait of liberal politicians.  In their eyes, these Christian values people, making sure the poor, elderly and disabled eat decent meals is almost sinful.

This appalling stigmatization of the poor, this attack on the less fortunate and overall effort to rob them of every shred of human decency and dignity is so disgusting that it is hard to believe that it is being  generated by those same individuals who are running around  talk radio screaming their Chicken Little paranoiac chant that the religious sky is falling as their right to be Godly is being challenged by secular America.

Godly?  I believe that very few of these men and women who even have a clue as to what Godly really means.  

How does someone who claims to be a man or woman of God propose a bill that would prohibit recipients of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) from using their benefits to purchase seafood, cookies, chips, energy drinks, soft drinks, seafood, or steak.  But this is the essence of legislation being sponsored by Rick Brattin, a Missouri state congressman.   He claims that he is offended when a food stamp recipient buys filet mignon steaks and crab legs on the taxpayers dime. 

Are you kidding me?  Shame on those people buying cookings and soft drinks with food stamp money.

Let me remind Mr. Brattin that over 48% of people receiving food stamp assistance are children.  Over 20% are comprised of non-elderly disabled (like in military veterans and their families.)  Another set of facts for our god-loving Mr. Brattin:  over 60% of food stamp recipients work.  The average benefit for an individual without children is $194 per month.  Do the math, man, do the math.  With lobster going for $16 per pound and filet mignon costing out at $18 per pound,  a couple hundred dollars per month doesn’t buy much in the way of expensive food delicacies.   

And, just in case there is a racial twinge to Mr. Brattin’s outrage, I must remind the legislator that 40% of food stamp users are white while 28% are black.

And if it is the money that concerns Mr. Brattin, the cost is minimal and $5 of food stamp benefits morphs over $9 back into the economy.  

So it is time to show me that Christian values are more than just anti-gay and anti-abortion snake oil.  Show me that the passage 1:John 3:17 has some meaning.  Show me that it has some value.  Show me that the Christian God being sold these days is something more than a bottled remedy sold in the shadows from the trunk of an old Chevy.

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…the Bleacherman has entered the conversation…

Just some quick thoughts before I disappear for a few days to contemplate Passover, Easter and –what I expect to be another disappointing season of – Chicago Cubs Baseball.

WHERE’S WALDO (TED CRUZ):  It seems that the smart people at Politico took note of the fact that the mouth that keeps on condemning – that be Senator and Presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, plays hooky at lot when it comes to attending Senate Armed Services Committee hearings.  I guess he is too busy running around repealing, abolishing, eliminating and destroying to actually sit down and do what he is getting paid to do.  According to the record keepers, the male version of Sarah Palin has attended only three out of sixteen public hearings.  Either he already has all the answers and knows everything there is to know about our Armed Services or he does not take seriously the fact that he is being paid to actually legislate, not run around the country seeking higher officer.

We hear a lot a talk about a Balanced Budget Amendment; how about an Constitutional Amendment prohibiting sitting Senators and House Representatives from running for another office while still serving in Congress?  They hardly work to begin with and should they start running around the country groveling for votes, their time in Washington – legislating – is minimal.  

WHERE’S GOD? (Specifically the evangelical Christian God:) It seems that the almighty omnipotent one is the subject of a lot of attention these days.  The dude’s flock of followers and other hypocrites feel that their right to be selectively religious and ungodly discriminatory is being compromised by those bad liberals, heathens, Satan worshipers and atheists in Washington.  So this pot of pious pinheads are demanding that their state legislatures enact laws that protect their god-given right to hate and alienate.  Religious Freedom Acts are spreading from state to state with all the speed and vigor of a measles epidemic.  

So those with deep religious beliefs can now, with impunity, hate gays and lesbians and love adulterers and serial divorcees.  God is somewhere scratching his head in disbelief.  ‘What have I created?’ he keeps asking himself.

WHERE’S OBAMA’S BALLS/ :  Somehow it felt odd from the very beginning.  I’m not quite sure who or what Iran is these days.  It seems that they are our allies in Iraq fighting ISIS but the are our enemy fighting government forces in Yemen.  This schizophrenia thing is giving me a headache.  

As are the nuke talks going on with Iran in Switzerland.  several days ago, President Obama reaffirmed his belief that Iran should not be allowed to develop nuclear weapon technology.  Then, later in the afternoon, Secretary Kerry’s people inferred that the goal of our negotiations is to keep Iran nuke free for a period of ten to fifteen years; after which it will be okay for them to blow up the Middle East.  

So the question is whether or not President Obama has the backbone to stand up to Iran and give them a one time take it or leave it offer.  If Iran takes the deal, we can only hope that it is a treaty that makes sense and accomplishes our over-riding goal of a stable and lasting peace in the Middle East. If Iran walks away, fine; let them face further and more restrictive sanctions.  But the President needs to show some balls.  Walk away from the table.  Impose new and more effective sanctions.  Let Iran know that we are deadly serious in our efforts to keep nukes out of their country.

WHY IS CLIVEN BUNDY BACK IN THE NEWS?  Well it seems that old, I-want-everything-for-nothing Cliven Bundy and his band of sovereign nation seeking heretics are back trying to kick the federal government out of Nevada. It seems that a bill sponsored by Nevada Assembly woman Michele Flore would require that the feds get state permission to use state land.  The not-so-wise bill would strip the feds of water rights as well.

At a rally, old Cliven proudly announced that he was protesting to take back his land and as sovereign citizens it his right to do so.

I say give him back the land.  Let him assume responsibility for maintaining and managing the land.  I also advocate that the feds move out of Nevada and take their military bases and civilian jobs with them.  Let the sovereign folks be sovereign.  Let them take responsibility for caring for themselves.  Let them see how easy and cheap  it is to control 60 million acres of land and administer the parceling process for mining, logging and various other industrial enterprises.  Let these Tea Party enthusiasts sell the land to the rich, the powerful and the explorative and then, ten years later, see what is left of the land once corporate profiteers finish with their rape of the area’s precious resources.

So enough of my grumbling..to all a great Easter, a Happy Passover and – forgive me for the sin of a life long affliction – but Go Cubs Go!

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On a Sunday talk show, when Indiana Governor Mike Pence was asked whether or not his state’s new religious freedom bill enabled individuals to discriminate against gays and lesbians, the Governor dismissed the question saying that such potential consequences were beside the point.  

I am compelled to stand up, call a time out and ask the obvious question, “is the Governor serious? “  Doesn’t the man know that the potential consequence of outright discrimination hiding behind a veil of religious freedom IS THE POINT!  IT IS THE ONLY POINT!

Governor Pence claims that the Religious Freedom legislation signed by him into law is about federal government over-reach. It seems that the Indiana GOP does not want the Federal courts telling them what to do when it comes to religious-fueled and authorized right to exclude and discriminate.  God forbid that the state would do something to insure that all of its citizens are treated fairly and equally and have no need for a higher, more compassionate authority to insure that basic unalienable rights, those rightg given to man by man, are properly enforced.

But America today is a perversion.  Politicians, eager to prostitute democratic values in the name of getting oneself elected, are quick to sell our country’s basic core beliefs to any huckster who is able to carry a cross and recite verbal passage at will.  The fairytales of all men are created equally and equal justice to all are swept down rabbit holes and replaced with a send-me-the-money theology that demands that the tenants and teachings of evangelical Christianity becomes the de-facto religion of State and code of (supposed) conduct teach-all.

Religious orthodoxy has become a late-show joke.  The pious and faithful, under the guise of religious freedom, are free to roam the broad landscape of theological doctrine picking and choosing God’s laws with the same commitment to truth as a midnight run to Wal Mart to find the best price for baby diapers is all about absorbency rather than price.  In the end, it is all about an overabundance of shit anyway.

I’ll buy into the argument of religious freedom when all sinners are treated with equal contempt.  I’ll defend religion when adulterers are treated the same as a gay or lesbian is treated.  I’ll protect the word of God when the sanctity of marriage addresses divorce with the same zeal as right to lifers defend against a woman’s right to an abortion.

I’ll defend the whole Godly show and tell hour when the faithful adhere to all the doctrines, covenants and commandments of their teachings.  I’ll become a believer when someone can show me exactly where in the comic book they call the Bible demands and commands exclusion and discrimination. Until then, God, religion and the Bible need to be sold in the fiction section of life.

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